Sunday Naps


I was going to drive back to school yesterday afternoon but my sister talked me into breakfast with the Grandparents. We headed over at 9:15 and surprising I was hungry. It must be this waking up at 5 o’clock thing. There was quiche, tatter tots (my favorite), chocolate covered strawberries, and a nice nutty fruity loaf. My uncle and soon to be aunt were also there along with my parents. It was a nice reunion since we haven’t seen that side of the family since Christmas. Upon arrival at home a cat fell asleep on me then I fell asleep for a long time. My mom was feeling sick so we just had mac and cheese for dinner. We tried to watch the valentines Simpsons, family guy, and bob’s burger (just to humor my father) but they were all really terrible. We switched to a true romance, Sabrina.  It went long so I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight. I was surrounded by my lovely kittie and slept super soundly although shortly.



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