Clean and clean some more


I woke up to about 4 inches of drifting snow. I was so disappointed; I really wanted to get some tubing in this winter. We weren’t even motivated to go run around in the snow because it was so windy out.  We made the breakfast enchiladas and they were ok I’m not sure I would make them again. Although the idea of night before breakfast prep is appealing.  We headed to Zerns and got some loose leaf tea (lemon ginger, spearmint, and pineapple up-side-down cake). We also got some candy, I got chocolate covered cranberries, and some produce. We stopped for wa-wa on the way home, I have ben craving it for a while, so thank goodness. When we returned home my sister asked if I would help her organized her yarn boxes so she could start working on some blankets for the linus project, and some more premie hats and booties. The yarn was a giant knot so it was an untangling party accompanied by Mama Mia.

Image It was during the mother, daughter pre-wedding song that we were called to assist my dad by carrying the bunk bed pieces downstairs. We also had to clean out the boxes we put under the beds a couple years ago and then forgot all about. There were some random fun things in there. Lots of old mad libs, stickers, and jewelry. Then my sister went home and we just sat around watching tv for the rest of the night.


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