Teacher! Who Me?


My first day ever teaching my own multi-day lesson! The zentangle lesson is ready, I copied everything this morning and felt very teacher like with my stack of hot of the press copies. All my paper is cut and my handouts and examples have been ready for days.


It’s interesting how my teaching changes from class to class. You add on information that you missed, omitted, or simply forgot to mention; and you take out things that were confusing or redundant. So that by the third time I taught today it should have been spot on. The students were fairly successful; zentangles are difficult and time consuming. They take a lot of concentration and effort and it hurts your hand to draw such little things for so long. I was glad that my students kept their effort up and were willing to strive for success.


I did a gallery walk in the middle of the lesson, where the students get up and walk around to see what their peers are doing. This strategy worked really well. It broke up the monotony of drawing and gave the students a boost of inspiration because they got to see what patterns the other kids came up with. All in all I’m going to proclaim this lesson successful. Not everyone loved it but few hated it and most of the results looked really nice. Score one teacher self! Another interesting observation from the day’s events was watching how the students responded to the music that I played during class. I put on a meditation music stream from itunes radio and most of the students were very critical of it. One girl raised her eyebrows with a look of total disgust every time someone starting to sing or a new instrument came on.  Most students gave each other looks or just giggled. It makes me wonder how we can make our students more tolerant and accepting of other cultures when we can’t even listen to some meditation music, while zentangling, without outbursts of laughter and looks of disgust. I wrote the new vocab and sketch assignments on the board before I left for the day.


I got home and watched some MASH. I got mushroom alfredo for dinner and am currently tying to motivate myself to clean my room or write a lesson plan. You know what would really help? A hot shower, just saying. Much to do and no motivation to do it yuck. I also took this picture at the cafeteria today it would appear that the price of bananas has gone up one again. It now costs 99 cents per banana at college, which is in Pennsylvania, not Antarctica. Last I checked it was 40 cents a pound for bananas at a grocery store so we should probably all invest in the state college banana stocks because they are making a killing!



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