Hot Water Come Back!


Happy hump day! I reset my alarm last night because I have had way too much time in the morning; I accidentally set it foe 6:06 not 5:06 and I still hit the snooze twice like I do every morning. I usually leave the house at 6:20 and I woke up at 6:34. Let’s just say that I ran around cursing for a while, and I was miraculously only 10 minutes late. Also my phone is being strange with text messages so my co-op didn’t get my “I’m running late” until 10:30 even though I sent it as soon as I woke up. Since I discovered in practicum yesterday that I would be observed Thursday my co-op and I decided to make today the last class period to work on the graffiti on the portfolios. So that I could introduce my zentangle lesson and get some teaching in while being observed tomorrow. Most of the kids finished or got really close to being finished which was a relief.


They won’t be graded until the end of the quarter so the kids that didn’t finish will have plenty of time to work in between other lessons. I did much better with getting the kids quiet and started using the make an example of a loud kid method. This is where I call out one kid “hey Mike, quiet down” in a way that the whole class hears it and hopefully quiets down too. This is my co-ops favorite technique and it does usually work. That is unless Mike just continues talking in which case we ended up moving some seats. I did some grocery shopping on the way home from school and finally (2 weeks into the semester) got eggs and milk. Image


Omelet maker here I come! I took an over long nap since I slept through my alarm (wow I’m good at that today). Then I got shrimp scampi for dinner yeah! Real food! I settled in for a long winter’s night and yet another cold shower. They replaced the hot water heater and we still have no hot water in the shower. There is nothing I want more right now than a soothing relaxing hot long shower!


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