Monday, Snowy Monday


Happy Monday to the world! I drove to school from home and made it right on time thankfully it’s not a super long drive. It snowed last night and the roads were absolutely fine until I got into Exeter. At which point no one had plowed or salted. I slipped, slid and fishtailed my way the last five minutes to school. It was horrifying.  During prep I began hanging up the boards for the school art show. I got four done throughout the day and I feel that they look fairly successful. I also finished my examples for the phobia project. That’s a huge relief because it was taking me forever I hope my students don’t hate me too much for it.


Today the sketches from last week were due and some students forgot theirs which wasn’t a huge problem. My favorite sketchbook incident was when I asked the students to draw a bare foot from life and one student turned in a drawing of a bear’s foot. It was so hard to keep a straight face. They were working on finishing their practice graffiti names and then starting their final copies. By now they have their colors all figured out and have hopefully gotten started on their portfolios. We’re planning to work on this through Thursday.


I got home and was so very tired, staying up for the super bowl last night really wore me out (I can’t wait for rugby ugg). So I took a little nap and watched top gear while working on a handout for the zentangle lesson and a hand out for the phobia lesson. I also finished up my practicum homework. There was a new episode of Top Gear on at 9 ahhhh! My absolute favorite show in the world I was upper excited to see it even though I had to stay up after my bedtime again. But isn’t that what naps are for!


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