It’s super bowl Sunday! And it’s a lazy Sunday almost nothing happened until about noon when I decided it was time to look up the teams who would be competing in the super bowl and make a cake with their team colors. I had seen tie-dye cakes and zebra cakes on pinterest and decided to combine the two ideas into my giant vs. ravens cake. Of course I couldn’t find a white cake box mix in the house and had no intentions of leaving so I decided to make it from scratch (recipe below). Once the ingredients were mixed I divided the batter into three bowls I died one ravens purple, another giants pink (haha) and left the third white. Then I poured the batter in spoonful by spoonful rotating the three colors until it was all used up. It turned out really well. The cake was delicious and the colors added a little football flair “GO TEAM!” 


After that I hopped in the Jacuzzi and then took a nap while I waited for my cake to cool. I iced it with my old faithful wilton buttercream recipe (which can be found on my pinterest).  We headed out to the party cake in tow and planned to eat ourselves silly, laugh at commercials, and possibly watch a little football. The game went long because of the black out so I got to bed late it’s going to be hard to wake up tomorrow.



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