Finally the pasta is back


It snowed again last night but not enough for a delay so out on the snowy roads I went once again, yeah winter. At school I did 4 more show bulletin boards and answered numerous questions about the graffiti projects.  I also completed the example pen strokes worksheet that I mad last night.


One of the main problems for the day’s events was when students couldn’t find the colored pencils the used yesterday or when the pencils got so short they couldn’t sharpen them any further. This caused lots of sad students who learned that art sometimes requires flexibility. Here are some examples of the graffiti in progress.


I left early so that I could arrive a little before practicum and get my reference letters so that I could finally finish applying for grad school. Practicum was fine we got information on writing our teacher philosophy and resume; we also got to hear some stories from everyone’s first week in field. I talked to my supervisor a little about my phobia lesson, and was done the meeting around 5:15. I went to dinner with rugby friends (thank goodness pasta is back!). I will finally be able to eat again. Then went home and watched Top Gear America (not my favorite) and MASH. I had to order a new cell phone case write some e-mails, and do more lesson planning and research: overall a successful night although I forgot to pick up my lunch for tomorrow. Who knows what I’ll be eating.


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