It’s Groudhog Day!


Had to go into Philly this morning for a SCAD info session. I learned some great things about the school and their financial aid and fellowship programs. They had red velvet cupcakes with chocolate shavings on top so I took one for the road. On the walk back to the car park my hand froze around it like a claw. Then we walked through reading terminal market and I had to protect it from hundreds of passerby’s and one woman who tried to sneeze on it. After all that hard work I finally got to the car and dropped it on the floor. Well lets just say I still ate it, that little well traveled cupcake.


After that adventure we headed out of the city to Valley Greene. We had heard years ago that you could gather raw garnet there but only after a storm and since it had just rained we thought we would give it a try. We headed the wrong way on the trail at first and didn’t find anything but then we looked it up and turned back north on the trail. I expected to find one or two but all of a sudden we looked down and we were surrounded. They were right on the path it was incredible. We picked them up until our hands froze it was really exciting.


On the way home we stopped at Johnny’s BBQ which was alright but I won’t make that mistake again since we were all sick for the rest of the night. We left to meet some friends at 10:30 at the bowling ally for some rock and glow. We haven’t gone for years and felt so old. Everyone around was so little, but we still had a bunch of fun. I bowled a 138 which made me quite proud although my one friend a real bowler got over 200 (which is just ridiculous).




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