Graffiti and dancing


Sorry about the horrendous grammar in the last few posts. I have been really tired but am working on getting onto a normal schedule.Today we introduced a new project, the students are writing their names on their portfolios in a graffiti style. Today they were just working on their practice getting the layout and colors down before putting it onto their portfolio. My co-op gave the new sketch homework assignments and vocabulary words. Then she introduced the lesson and gave the demo for the first block. I did all that for the second and third blocks. My only mistake was saying that they had to draw real thing in their houses then saying a “real live thing” so one girl was really confused that she had to draw something that was actually alive, opps. Here’s a picture of the example that I made for class.

ImageI was concerned that I would miss something important while giving the demo. I did miss a couple of points but was able to pull the class back together when I remembered and clear a couple of things up. My teacher said it went well and she was surprised at how much I remembered (whew).


I started working on my examples for a positive/ negative space, pen and ink technique, phobia project. A combination between my teachers desire for me to teach pen and ink and my desire to do phobia icons.

I went home immediately from school, it only took about 45 minutes which was nice. I stopped at Zerns on the way and spent all my money on dried fruit, candy, strawberries, and landejagers. As soon as I walked in the door the cats came running and I petted them for a while. They are such lovers! Then we went to the elementary lip synch, it was adorable. They did call me maybe like 7 times. It was so funny.


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