Hump Day


I rolled out of bed this morning cuddled in my robe and fell asleep sitting on the couch for 15 minutes. It was unusually warm and super foggy. I’m hoping that some day soon I will be able to see where I’m going on my way to school. Today I brought my zentangle lesson for my teacher to read over and she asked me to make some examples and get the paper cut. So I cut white thick paper for the tangles and colorful paper for them to get mounted on. I worked on the examples and a step by step poster throughout the day. The students mounted their prints and then worked on their soda can drawings that they started the Friday before I got there. My co-op instructed the first block on how to mount and add the shadow beneath their can and then I instructed the second and third blocks. It went well I didn’t miss anything and the kids stayed quiet and paid attention while I was teaching. ImageImage








I had a crystallizing moment while doing the demo on shading. When the students were going back to their seats one of the boys said to another “did you see that it took her like 2 minutes, and looked better then mine does.” This was so touching because I remember saying that when my teachers did demos. I felt so teachery!









Here is the example of my zentangle project and the poster I made showing the steps to success. I won’t teach this till next week but preparation is never a bad thing. The drive home was also quite eventful since I was racing a cold front expected to being thunder storms, strong winds, and flash floods. Here’s I picture I took on the ride home.


I got home around 3:30 and went to the gym at 4. I went for a 4.5 mile elliptical jog and set up my ipad so I watch primeval for the whole time (most exciting jog to date) I’m going to start doing that all the time. Got home and I really wanted a pomegranate. There were no knifes apparently when the roomie moved out she took all the cutlery. I eventually found a semi sharp knife and broke that bad boy open.


Just some more Primeval and Downton after that plus some lesson plan research. Then I read some of the new JK Rowling book (I’m still not sure what it’s quite about and I’m 150 pages in) then sleep.


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