Demo Much? Well yes actually!


Finally a clear morning commute! I put NPR on and got on my way. We graded the prints in the morning and pulled some out for the art show. I cut some more paper for the drawings. Today the kids finished their soda cans, put together their portfolios and did and eye drawing from a step by step worksheet. Here’s one of the finished products.


I taught the demos and gave the days instructions again for 2ed and 3rd blocks. I forgot to mention it yesterday but I got my own desk/ table so the kids can come up and ask me questions. Surprisingly they do all the time. Its really surprising that they come to me and not the co-op. I’m always thrilled. I was walking around today and got a ton of questions and comments. It seems some students are much more needy then others. They need reassurance every step of the way. I’m going to have to find a way to build their confidence so they stop asking if it looks ok after each step. Here’s a picture of the room and that’s my desk way in the back.ImageI spent some time last night looking up things that might help a student of mine with poor motor skills. He was working on a collage and having trouble with gluing. We tried out an idea I found where you put elmers on a sponge so they don’t have to hold the glue stick. It worked really well and improved his project and enjoyment.  My co-op and I also decided that I should come up with a few things the kids can do when they finish their zentangle projects. I made a couple of examples for early finishers to give a try.

ImageOne other thing that’s worth mentioning is that lunch is great. Not only are there no kids to worry about but we eat with a guidance counselor, the school nurse, a music teacher, the other at teacher, and a special ed teacher. It’s such an interesting look into the inner workings of the school, and listing to everyone’s stories is a really insightful experience.

I had to leave a little early and rush back to school because the college dropped one of my majors to a minor (without my approval). So I had to talk to about 8 people fill out a bunch of paper work and show a little anger just so that I could declare a major that I have had since I was accepted and have completed all of the course work for. What a mess this is ridiculous. I ate dinner with a rugby friend and have spent the rest of the night working on lesson planning and looking at the giant pile of stuff I still have to unpack. I think so tea is in order then I might do some unpacking.


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