Day 1


My first day of student and due to the snowy icy mess yesterday I didn’t get to do a practice drive to my school. I woke up at 4:30 which was awful only 6 hours earlier than I’ve woken up for the past month and a half. It was foggy and dark and a little icy out and thank goodness my GPS took me to the right place. I arrived 45 minutes early so I looked on Google maps and found a 24 hour giant about 5 minutes away and drove there. Come 7:15 I met my co-op and the art and tech-ed teachers who live in the hallway. I found out that we just teach 7th grade and that we have 3 classes a day 80 minutes long. I started by showing that initiative they kept drilling us about yesterday. I cut about 60 sheets of paper and helped to set out block printing supplies. I wasn’t too concerned about 7th grade but it turns out they were better then I expected. Their nice, and respectful, you can easily tell when their misbehaving, or trying to pull something. Their also a little awkward stuck between childhood and teen years they are great. Some are perfectionists and some could care less but they are all glad to be in art. This has a lot to do with the school and community but for me it’s great. My co-op just got this group so their as new to her as they are to me. I dove right in and answered their questions and helped them print their blocks. I was really happy come the end of the day. Here’s an example of one of the students radial prints.


I left school early because I had to get back to college in time to make the first practicum meeting of the semester. It wen from 2 to 5 and I was so tired I think I missed most of it. The gave us a stack of papers about and inch thick with all our required readings, projects, and syllabus. Who every thought they would pile so much work onto our already stressed out minds. I did get the supervisor I was really hoping for so that was a huge relief. The also gave us some yummy blood oranges!ImageI stumbled home after the meeting super duper tired and fell onto my couch I pad in hand and watched Downton Abby and Primeval until I drifted off to sleep.


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