Moving Back


A sad day for all college students, the day break has officially ended and you must return to cold apartments, annoying roomates, and horrible food. This semester there’s the added hardship of student teaching and a 45 minute drive to my school every day. We tried to go to breakfast at Annamarie’s the best breakfast ever as I have previously posted but the line was so long and it was so cold that we went to the spring city dinner instead. I just got eggs over medium and home fries but I must say they were some of the best home fries I have had in quite awhile. Well done dinner. I came home and attempted packing but was interrupted when the grandparents came to meet the new kitties. Of course Gomez was being unsociable and escaped in a death defying bound over the wall into the kitchen.  To avoid further packing I decided another ice skating adventure was in order since the mill run/ tiny river had frozen over and one of our king neighbors had shoveled off the snow. I haven’t skated down there and years and really wanted to since the temperatures going up this week. It started off well with me slipping down the hill to the ice and getting all muddy (my clothes was in the wash at that very moment ugg). We had a great time just the two of us skating away. We have gotten decent over the past week and I can even stop now!

ImageI finished packing and after saying goodbye to the cats and parents headed back to school. I left around 5 which was really surprising considering I hadn’t even started packing until this morning.


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