Ice and Fried food


It has been ridiculously cold all week and today was only slightly warmer. We went to another auction at Smally’s and I invested in a glass block, and a box of blank watercolor greeting cards. We left around 2 and got some Wa-Wa for lunch. Then seeing as it was as cold as it gets in PA we decided to go ice skating. Nothing even froze over last year so skating outside at the park was great. There were about 10 other people out and we had a great time just skating in circles. There was no one to avoid and no fear of falling. I do love to ice skate.


We headed home after about 45 minutes and a couple trips to the bon fire to warm ourselves up. Dad had just finished installing the new counter top and sink and it looked amazing. It all pulled together nicely. We went to the Trappe around 8 where they just put Angry Orchard on tap (one of my favorite things). Apparently its much fresher because it come straight from the factory and you could really taste the difference. I also got an amazing fried food platter from my friend the cook. It had pickle spears, mozzarella sticks, spicy fried mac and cheese, onion rings, poppers, waffle fries, and a shrimp with cheese. It was delicious I’m sad to say I ate the whole thing.


We headed back and I was going to sleep over at my sisters when I had a moment of despair when I realized it was my last night at home with the cats. I hurried home and slept soundly surrounded in furry purring love for the last time during break.


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