TGIF, Not Really


The last Friday of my break. It is always a bittersweet day because it means the end of a wonderful and stress free break. My mom was off so we decided to start the day with pastry. We went to wegmans and got some very yummy items. I has a pecan cinnamon roll and a lemon pastry. We stopped a wa-wa to top it off with steamers. Then we went to liberty thrift we were still on the search for a music stand (this was the third shop I had visited) and I finally found one. It was a bit overpriced but who knows when we would come across one again. We stopped at Jim and Ralphs the same produce vendors who sell at the Perk. Everything was the same price and the had more selection! I may never worry about going to the perk again. Next we went to target and ac moore. When we were finished there it was about three and had just started to snow. Image We headed over to the outlets because I needed new shoes and a few shirts for student teaching. We were very successful and I left with new boots I found on the clearance rack at bass. Thank goodness for big feet. We stopped at Ross on the way home. By that time it was really snowing hard probably about 2 inches on the ground and people were driving like crazies. We came home and made some delicious potato soup for dinner. That is one of my favorites and its what I picked for my going away dinner. When everyone went to bed I stillImage had lots of energy so I decided to get to work on my t-shirt bags. Its a simple process just cut off the sleeves and collar and then sew across the bottom. Voila! you have a t-shirt bag. I also made about 16 more tissue packets. I have no idea what I’m ever going to do with them but their fun and easy to make so I just keep making them.Image





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