I’m Melting


I’m getting mad at wordpress because I keep wring and posting posts only to come back a few days later and find they have gone. So for the second time at least for me here are my adventures in crayon melting.  This was one of the crafts from the pinterest party but we just got around to it now.


I started by laying down masking tape in a chevron pattern to block some of the wax flow. Then I hot glued little chunks of crayon down. I arranged them by color so that each level would have a different color pairing.  I used all crayola and prang for this. The white melts way faster than anything else so use it sparingly.


I covered the area with newspaper and got to melting. I leaned the canvas up and blew the hot air down to aid the flow. We tried two different hair dryers and one had a really spread out melt while the other kept the drips in straight lines. Who knows why but just a note this whole process is a little unpredictable. I worked the whole canvas mostly on high until I got enough melt.


Next I pulled off the tape and crayons. You can see from my hands the extent of the splatter. And on the left is the finished product. Isn’t it lovely? I felt bad about wasting all thoose little crayon chunks so I grabbed a cupcake tin and some papers and threw them in the oven at 250 degrees for 20 minutes. I pulled them out and put them outside to harden. It was so cold outside that they solidified fairly fast. I think my little cousin will really enjoy drawing with them. I know I always did.ImageImage


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