Do You Fondue?


My winter break is winding down and I was planning on spending my last day alone, well alone. I went to the thrift shop to get some t-shirts and ended up binging home a trash bag full that had just been donated. For some odd reason the thrift shop I like to go to doesn’t put out t-shirts so I was lucky to walk n when I did otherwise they were dumpster bound. Then I got a call inviting me to a lunch of brussel sprouts and smoothies followed by legends of Norrath. How could I refuse, I headed straight over. The sprouts were amazing and we defeated the vampire king so a hard days work was accomplished. The main event of the day came around five when we headed to the Melting Pot.


It’s my absolute favorite place to eat and they were having a special so it was slightly more affordable than on a normal day. We started with Cheese (spinach and artichoke, and cheddar) Followed by salad (I got the mushroom) and then the entree (Pictured above). We rounded out the meal with the original (chocolate and peanut butter) and caramel turtle for dessert.


That’s the caramel turtle on fire! It was a delicious delectable and amazing meal. Thanks to the parents for treating us.


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