Cats and Ice Skating



We ate lunch at one of my favorite spots this afternoon Wibs in Collegeville. They make delicious BBQ, wings and other things. Above left is a chicken sandwich and on the right is a pulled pork and onion straws. Just writing this makes me want to go back it was so so good.

Today we finally decided to fill a void in our lives. We decided to go get new kittens! We went to Petco where they have a great foster and adoption group called Stray cat blues ( ) The whole family came out for the momentous occasion and we were all very excited. There were gray stripped tabby brothers who were only 10 weeks old and stole my heart right away but then…  my mom asked if the were cuddly and the women said that it’s impossible to tell what a cats personality will be until they are 4-6 months old. She mentioned that she had a 4 year old brother and sister who were lovers and cuddlers and in need of a home. She let them out and they immediately started nuzzling my dad (I’m pretty sure his heart melted). To make a long story short we got the cats not the kittens and the adoption woman was so excited to find a home for them that she cried. ImageThis is all the new cat swag that we had to buy because the cats we got are enormous and wont fit into anything we already own. Also were just spoiling them rotten from the start.

ImageHere they are waiting for us to fill out all the adoption papers and take them home. They have been hiding most of the day but are finally starting to warm up to us. We named them Morticia and Gomez.

ImageWe finished he day with an ice skating adventure at the Oaks Ice Center. It was fun and I haven’t gone skating in awhile. It was really annoying though because there were so many unsupervised children. I got to do a bunch a dodging and laughing at people.


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