Strawberry Shortcake



For some reason this didn’t post last night so now you’re just getting it a day late. I went to the Perk this morning, it’s only open on Monday’s. I got lots of delicious produce for a very affordable price. A Cabbage for cabbage noodles, Some oranges and lemons for marmalade. Kiwi’s for eating and possibly more baking, I’m still undecided, and strawberries!  They looked too good to be true and let me say they tasted amazing. I was thrilled it was love at first bite. I haven’t had strawberries since the summer and the taste took me right back. Yum yum yummy they were delicious. Of course where there are strawberries there has to be strawberry shortcake. We just use the directions on the Bisquick box and they turned out great!




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