Pancakes and Leggings



I went to breakfast this morning with my grandparents at one of my favorite breakfast spots. It has great food for reasonable prices and yes that pancake is the size of a plate! yum yum. Then I went to help my Mom-mom volunteer at the Thrift Store. I just put clothes out on the racks but I think I find as many things for myself as I hang up. My Mom-mom really appreciates my help and visits so I’m always glad when I get the chance to stop in. Also discount thrift stuff doesn’t hurt.

So I bought a big sweater with the hopes of making leg warmers last week but the wrists didn’t fit over my giant calves. So I tried again this week. I think everyone in the shop probably thought I was crazy pulling a sweater arm over my leg but hey I wasn’t making that mistake again. So I bought a sweet sweater and got to work.

I cut off the sleeves so they were long enough to reach from right below my knee to my footImageImage








Then I flipped them inside out and fitted the cut end to my ankle. Since the sleeves get wider at the bottom  you need to take out some of the bulk. You can see in the picture below that  i made the bottom of the left leg warmer smaller by sewing a diagonal line up it and trimming. Then Sew around the bottom to avoid fraying. Image


There’s the finished product, I wore them all night so warm!Image


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