Button-Up Apron



While at the thrift shop I got the urge to make a button-up apron that I saw on pinterest earlier this week. The link didn’t have any instructions so I was just making it up as I went. I started with an XL men’s shirt (For my second attempt I used a Medium and it still worked).


Then I drew a line from about 2 inches up the collar to right below the armpit. I cut up the side seam on my line from armpit to collar and around the collar. The collar has a finished seam on the bottom so as long as you stick close to that when cutting you can avoid having to sew there.


The picture above on the left is what it should look like all cut out. Next I ironed up the sides and sewed a nice finished edge all the way up. To make the ties I cut a strip from the back of the shirt about 3 inches wide and as long as the shirt was tall. I sewed the two sides together as shown above on the left, then flipped the tube so the finished side was out. I ironed them flat and sewed them on to the apron right below the angle. At this point its all finished so get cooking!



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