The Hunt Is On


My Dad was out sick today but was feeling better around noon. We decided to surprise my Mom and go see if there were any good counter tops at Heeby’s, a discount home improvement store.Image

Just a note here you should never surprise someone with counter top even if you think it is absolutely the coolest you have ever seen. They will most likely be disappointed and grumpy for the rest of the night. Anyway we found what we thought was amazing counter top and marble and headed out. We stopped at Glick one of my favorite places. It’s basically a junkyard full of tools, hardware and construction supplies. The best part is that everything is sold by the pound!  ImageImage






We Finished the day by going to Lowe’s and picking out a great new sink and spigot to go with the counter top. We got home around 6 and attempted to surprise mother who apparently was hoping for a new kitten and not counter top. She wasn’t too pumped about the counter top either so the whole days adventure was a bit of a let down.


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